Paging Doctors @bradhedlund and @domdelfino

[EDIT] - This entry generated some awesome twitter traffic. I was called “dumb" and “wrong" a couple of times by both VMware and Cisco people (good to know were all on the same team). In my vast, expensive and apparently wasted education I learned one has won the debate whenever the opponent sinks to name calling. To that point I will ask the reader to observe that zero technical rebuttals are offered. :)

The medical profession calls it Specialty bias, or a tendency to solve issues based on what you know. For example if you ask a neurosurgeon about foot pain, they will probably recommend brain surgery. Specialty bias is really a lack of experience and happens in all sorts of professions, IT engineering is not exempt. For Example…VMWare

VMware is a hypervisor company, their specialty is hypervisors, servers, CPU, memory. They have no experience in the network. So when they went to solve network problems they applied their specialty and came up with a NFV solution that leverages software, servers, CPU and in doing so failed to address the real issues with data center networking.

Joe Onisick made this really clear with the following tweet.

and Praveen Jain in this one...

NOTE: Praveen is now “unsure" and thinks the “the blog is wrong"

Seems like most of the tweeters are missing the point that its greater then 0 servers!!!!

The servers Joe and Praveen are talking about act as gateways that bridge the NSX network to the remainder of the network. The remainder of the network that NSX fails to address. The network ignored by NSX is the underlay, switch ports for physical servers, other hypervisors virtual networks and physical network services.

Cisco ACI and the Nexus 9K was built, designed and supported by network experts. ACI is an SDN solution that builds an integrated overlay that using policy dynamically builds configurations across all network elements. Cisco ACI is the SDN easy button that solve real network challenges.

The lesson here is if your foot hurts, go to the foot doctor. If you are solving network challenges, go to a Network expert.

Wait did I mention that Redhat and Microsoft are also really smart hypervisor companies?