'Reload in' command for NXOS

The reload in IOS command is one of my favorite IOS tricks. Very useful parachute when modifying a remote device. NXOS lacks this functionally….until now..


reload in command for NXOS. Used to schedule reloads

Written by Ryan Tischer @ Cisco - @ryantischer Designed to run on Nexus 9000 swtich script replicates IOS "reload in" command to schedule reloads leverages scheduler feature in NXOS

Usage -

copy/save script in bootflash/scripts folder on swtich from NXOS CLI
type "source reloadin.py [options]
- number of minutes until reload -
-save" to save configuration before reload. Must be used as second option behine minutes
- "cancel" cancel reload

Examples -
source reloadin.py 20 - schedules a reload in 20 minutes
source reloadin.py 20 save - schedules a reload in 20 minutes and saves the config
source reloadin.py cancel - cancels current reloadin command.

Possiable issue - I have no idea what will happen with a day change...for example if the current time is 11:55 and the reloadin.py 20 is issued. It could work, it could break, it could form a blackhole.