Working with NXAPI and Google Postman

I spent some time today experimenting with the Postman client and NXAPI.

First, install Postman into Chrome. (Google it) Once installed click on the Apps button

Should look like this when done.

In the box labeled “Enter request URL here type the ip/host name of your NXOS device / ins. For me its

Next click the Basic Auth button to enter in the login credentials for the switch.

Your now ready to POST requests to the switch, however….what to and how to POST?

Open up a new TAB or if your living in 2008 a new window and browse to your NXAPI enabled switch. I talked about this in a previous post, however a simple 'feature nxapi’ will do the trick.

In the top window type your command (sh ver, in my case) select XML message format (command type does not matter) and click post. This generates both the request and response. Copy the request.

Move to back to the Postman client. Change GET to Post and copy your XML request into the RAW test box. CLICK POST